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1"I'm sorry but ... is not my place"  3  9Jun 15, 2014SELVA73  Barcelona
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3"Rome Page"  10  34May 22, 2014egonwegh  Nijmegen
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6"The Grandeur of Rome"  2  2Mar 2, 2014Chinggis_n_Borte  Australia
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8"A visit to the Eternal City on my birthday!"  5  28Feb 2, 2014gordonilla  Uxbridge
9"Roma"  2Jan 26, 2014JuliaMac  Krasnodar
10"Rome & Vatican City can take a Lifetime to see it"  1  4Jan 19, 2014Nancymk  Zionsville
11"To Rome with Love"  3  4Jan 14, 2014manuna  Moscow
12"Not the first the third time"  13  57Dec 24, 2013shavy  Ieper
13"Ordinis Sanctae Trinitatis et Captivorum"  3Sep 30, 2013jorgejuansanchez  Hospitalet
14"Dulce vida en Roma"Sep 19, 2013Beviejc62  Moortown
15"The beggining"  5  9Aug 28, 2013SandraAlves  Ílhavo
16"When in Rome do as the Romans do!"  68  273Aug 21, 2013gwened  Pluvigner
17"Must Visit Rome"  2Aug 13, 2013jldodge710  Atlanta
18"wyciczea"Jun 27, 2013MisioP  World
19"Cultural and Historic trip"  11Jun 12, 2013camilo74  Santiago
20"Roma, May 18th 2013"  5Jun 9, 2013Sirvictor  Ankara
21"Rome Introduction"  10May 20, 2013PTKeil  Indiana
22"Urbs aeterna Roma - the Eternal City"  3Mar 22, 2013The_Capricorn  Erlangen
23"ROME | Historical"  1  8Mar 9, 2013jopetsy  Quezon City
24"ITS JUST ROME"  2Mar 4, 2013mazinho  Beirut
25"Rome"  1  3Feb 22, 2013t_cinanni  Perth
26"ROME, What's special and what to give a miss"  3Feb 21, 2013Elyzabeth  New York City
27"Amazing Roma"  8  22Feb 9, 2013clareabee  Warrington
28"Rome city of dreams"  3  2Feb 3, 2013Puckfair  Cork
29"An open-air museum"  1  4Jan 30, 2013Elainehead  Nice
30"The Eternal City-Rome"  20  23Jan 27, 2013GentleSpirit  Rockville
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