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1"A Real Hill Town"  18  59Aug 17, 2013hquittner  New Orleans
2"A medieval manhatten"  4Jul 23, 2013littlebush  Auckland
3"San Gimignano"  3Jun 25, 2012SOUTHAFRICANDELLA  Johannesburg
4"San Gimignano, Tuscany"  3May 22, 2012il_viaggiatore  San Francisco
5"Touristy but utterly charming"  1  6Mar 5, 2012Beausoleil  Sacramento
6"SAN GIMIGNANO"  8Jan 10, 2012Homanded  Miami
7"San Gimignano"  10Oct 22, 2011Jim_Eliason  Arlington
8"Why so many Towers in San Gimignano?"  2  13May 13, 2011GracesTrips  Los Angeles
9"The towers of San Gimignano"  2  21Oct 4, 2010Martin_S.  Arad
10"San Gimignano"  1Jul 3, 2010sandranunes  Rio de Janeiro
11"San Gimignano - 2010"  3Jun 7, 2010windoweb  Edinboro
12"San Gimignano"  3May 15, 2010t_cinanni  Perth
13"What a Skyline!"  1  6Jan 5, 2010Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
14"My House in the Chianti Hearth"  1  4Aug 27, 2009kittino  Siena
15"San Gimignano delle belle torri"  30  85May 15, 2009MM212  London
16"The village of the many towers"  4  10Mar 30, 2009oriettaIT  Padova
17"San Gimignano, a medieval town"  16  133Feb 22, 2009joiwatani  Seattle
18"Getting there"  3Oct 29, 2008scanos  Belfast
19"A Touch Of Medevial Tuscany"  3  17Aug 24, 2008babettu  Malta
20"My San Gimignano"May 15, 2008robertbaum  Matsudo
21"San Gimignano"  1May 7, 2008rita_simoes  Sintra
22"The Towers of Tuscany"  2  3Mar 28, 2008tommyt1971  Poughkeepsie
23"Frozen in the 1300s for your Visiting Pleasure"  2  5Mar 21, 2008cpiers47  Trieste
24"San Gimignano Page Intro"  3Mar 20, 2008dongix  Toronto
25"San Gimignano page coming soon - check back!"Mar 5, 2008travelrabbit  Tuscany
26"San Gimignano"  4Oct 17, 2007Josibezz  Malta
27"San Gimignano: The town of Towers"  2  12Oct 2, 2007geismom  Sinking Spring
28"Tourist drop"  6  13Sep 20, 2007BruceDunning  Huntsville
29"San Gimignano Page"  12  20Aug 13, 2007egonwegh  Nijmegen
30"San Gimignano"  3Aug 10, 2007nataliekhoshgeleh  Portland
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