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1"SIRACUSA - as beautiful as the name is intriguing"  2Mar 3, 2014Chinggis_n_Borte  Australia
2"Jolly Aretusa Palace Hotel"  1May 31, 2013DonatoS1  World
3"Siracusa UNESCO World Heritage Site"  71  284Oct 19, 2012rosata    Europe
4"S I R A C U S A"  3Nov 19, 2011Aurorae  Belgrade
5"SIRACUSA"  24  101Aug 8, 2011croisbeauty   Zagreb
6"Spending an afternoon visiting Siracusa in Sicily"  3Aug 28, 2010reluctant_traveller  Reading
7"Charming Siracusa with Greek Influence"  1  3Jan 31, 2010shibay1  Düsseldorf
8"Siracusa: a Sicilian gem"  10  28Jan 10, 2010MikeBird  Bedfordshire
9"here we meet again"  5  13Nov 10, 2009picek  Slovenia
10"Siracusa"  2Aug 28, 2009ooermissis  Oldham
11"Sunny Syracuse"  22  89Aug 22, 2008TheWanderingCamel  State of Western Australia
12"RIPOSTO"  6Jul 6, 2008KoalaB  Adelaide
13"Siracusa"  3Jun 19, 2008xantylaol  Oslo
14"Siracusa is for wandering..."  4  8Mar 22, 2008helenjones  Liverpool
15"Siracusa"  3Dec 28, 2007Neilzonwheelz  Perth
16"Siracusa, Fontane Bianche"Sep 4, 2007essezeta  Italy
17"corinthians, greeks and romans"  2  8Jul 22, 2007domenicococozza  London
18"Fall under its spell"  4  9Jul 2, 2007Francenko  Europe
19"Siracusa"  1Jun 12, 2007rocolita  Comunidad de Madrid
20"Siracusa"  1Mar 29, 2007Manara  Parma
21"Siracusa"  2  5Oct 18, 2006Cuorerosanero  Sydney
22"Croatia to Malta - Siracusa"  2  2Sep 17, 2006atofuri  Houston
23"Siracusa"  1Aug 7, 2006popoze  Brugge
24"There is plenty to see and eat in Siracusa"  7  13Jul 21, 2006Lcannar  Newhall
25"A place so magical it was worth moving to...."  3  3May 23, 2006mikaela22  Siracusa
26"S I R A C U S A!!!!!!!"  2  5Aug 20, 2005ruki  Belgrade
27"Siracusa Travel Page"  1Jul 19, 2005Vanity  Sofia
28"Siracusa"  1May 17, 2005barryg23  Ealing
29"More than 2 days in Siracusa"  12  32Mar 24, 2005hquittner  New Orleans
30"Siracusa"  2  7Jan 3, 2005rsilva  Leiden
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