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1"The back of beyond"  1  6Feb 19, 2014Bunsch  Providence
2"It is a fairyland!"  3Feb 11, 2014Bob_Shan  Shanghai
3"Breathtaking View"  4  24Jun 26, 2013shavy  Ieper
4"Milford Sound"  5  23Jul 7, 2012al2401  Palmwoods
5"Milford Sound, Fiordland"  1Apr 20, 2012spidermiss   Leeds
6"Milford Sound & Te Anau"  11Mar 22, 2012Martialsk  Auckland
7"Deep in Fiordland"  4  6Aug 1, 2010DSwede  Charleston
8"Fairytale"  6  16Dec 16, 2009BurgerQueen  Monza
9"Milford Sound"  2  37Nov 21, 2009robertgaz  Bunbury
10"Silent Water Magic"  38  107May 22, 2009Kakapo2  Christchurch
11"Milford Sound"  1May 16, 2009norain  Johor Bahru
12"Milford Sound - New Zealand"  1Apr 23, 2008chizz  Doha
13"Milford Sound"Feb 27, 2008lifeisatrip  Colorado Springs
14"Milford Sound"  1Jan 7, 2008pn8572  Maidenhead
15"Milford Sound"  1Dec 11, 2007FlyingDutchmen  The Hague
16"Milford Sound"  1  19Jul 31, 20072Cities1Love  Melbourne
17"The Sound of Nature"  11  12May 13, 2007Aidy_p  Singapore
18"The Most Amazing Place I Have Ever Seen"  3Apr 14, 2007Susanna1975  Helsinki
19"Milford Sound"  1Feb 10, 2007daniel_k  Neckarsulm
20"New Zealand - Aotearoa"  3Feb 1, 2007scubaozgirl  Sydney
21"Milford Track Nov 29-Dec 3 2006"  22  25Dec 10, 2006Josilver  Sydney
22"MILFORD SOUND - Fjord in New Zealand"  43Sep 5, 2006Pakistaniguy  London
23"Milford Sounds"  1May 27, 2006Robdaz  Auckland
24"Milford Sound"  2  3Apr 18, 2006didgeridorien  Rotterdam
25"Tramping the Milford Track - The third alternative"Mar 14, 2006Couplesynergy  Caloundra
26"Milford Sound"  3Mar 6, 2006K1W1  London
27"Milford Sound -Glimpse of the Fiorland"  21  87Mar 4, 2006imstress  Singapore
28"Beautiful Milford Sound"Feb 24, 2006dragowill  Minneapolis
29"Milford in the sun!!"  2Feb 9, 2006northeast80  Bristol
30"CRUISING NEW ZEALAND SOUNDS"  15  16Dec 12, 2005I-Believe-I-Can-Fly  Special Capital Region of Jakarta
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