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1"Victoria Falls,a great little town"  3Dec 26, 2013easyout4u  New Jersey
2"Victoria Falls"  3Mar 23, 2013lotharscheer   Vienna
3"Upps! Victoria, am I on another Planet?"  1  6Jan 1, 2013kharmencita  Germany
4"Victoria Falls"  1  6Feb 26, 2012dezwellsmith  Auckland
5"Victoria falls - the dream that came true"  13  29Jul 14, 2011magor65  Wroclaw
6"Mosi-oa-Tunya"Mar 16, 2011Kanjoo  Bloemfontein
7"Cataratas en la ciudad / water fa in town"  9  24Oct 17, 2010elpariente  Santander
8"MOSI OA TUNYA (SMOKE THAT THUNDER)"  2  3Apr 10, 2010henri123  Île de Montréal
9"Falling for The Falls!"  5  10Mar 11, 2010CatherineReichardt  Johannesburg
10"Victoria Falls"  3Nov 30, 2009NomadicWorld  Warrington
11"Backpacking in Victoria Falls"  54  257Oct 24, 2009georeiser  Oslo
12"Victoria Falls"  3  2Aug 18, 2009mikelisaanna  New Jersey
13"Mosi-oa-Tunya"  28  53Apr 12, 2009PierreZA  Pretoria
14"Into the Jungles"  1  9May 29, 2008glabah  Lents
15"Victoria Falls"  5  7Mar 29, 2008visserm  Somerset West
16"THE BEAUTIFUL SIDE OF THE FALLS"  12  48Mar 8, 2008DAO   Wakefield
17"Victoria Falls"Nov 22, 2007chalmera  Maastricht
18"Zimbabwe"  1  2Oct 27, 2007chikidee  Schaffhausen
19"Smoke that Thunders"  6  29Sep 22, 2007Orchid  Melbourne
20"The smoke that thunders"  8  9Mar 24, 2007ChristaV  Cape Town
21"Mosi-oa-Tunya - The smoke that thunders"  12  33Mar 6, 2007glennkasner  Cape Town
22"Victoria Falls--Quiet and Safe World Wonder"  5Feb 25, 2007Chiefcounsel  Chantilly
23"The Mighty Falls"  15  28Feb 6, 2007kentishgirl  London
24"Victoria Falls (Zimbabwean side)"  3Feb 3, 2007FlyingDutchmen  The Hague
25"VICTORIA FALLS IN ZIMBABWE"  3Aug 31, 2006general_lee  Athens
26"Victoria Falls"  1Aug 25, 2006DanielF  Europe
27"Victoria Falls: One of the Natural Wonders"  4  7Jun 9, 2006kucha  New York City
28"The Smoke That Wants To Take All Your Dollars."  12  11Jun 7, 2006RblWthACoz  Pittsburgh
29"Dr. Livingstone I presume"  1  1Apr 9, 2006Travmad  Pennsylvania
30"The Town and the Falls!"  4Dec 30, 2005Durfun  London
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