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1"A place to come back over and over again"  1  2May 11, 2015APaulo  Lisbon
2"Victoria Falls"  3Jun 15, 2014euzkadi  Guatemala
3"Livingstone Zambia"  7  65Jun 9, 2014Skibbe  Austin
4"Livingstone"  2May 29, 2014linnyloo  South Africa
5"Livingstone, tourist capital"  1  2Jun 27, 2013Jacinthia  Lusaka
6"Livingstone"  3  18Mar 14, 2013lotharscheer   Vienna
7"Livingstone"  1Apr 27, 2012PeterVancouver  Tsawwassen
8"Livingstone"  3Nov 30, 2009NomadicWorld  Warrington
9"Backpacking in Livingstone"  30  131Oct 30, 2009georeiser  Oslo
10"Livingstone - Zambia's Gateway to Victoria Falls"  7  13Aug 18, 2009mikelisaanna  New Jersey
11"Livingstone"  2May 9, 2009gksrud  Seoul
12"Laid-back Livingstone"  9  19Apr 12, 2009PierreZA  Pretoria
13"LIVINGSTONE"  16  54Apr 24, 2008nora_south_africa  Province of the Western Cape
14"A pleasant, small, welcoming town"  13  33Jan 22, 2008Kid-A  Kaiserslautern
15"Victoria Falls"  3Jan 2, 2008ingosf  London
16"NOT NICE, BUT THE ECONOMY WORKS"  30  104Dec 30, 2007DAO  Wakefield
17"Primary Attraction is the Falls"  10  15May 31, 2007glabah  Lents
18"Livingstone"  2Apr 17, 2007liv2befree4ever  Land O' Lakes
19"Tirp to Livingstone"Nov 22, 2006ck1985  Portglenone
20"Micro Light Flight over Victoria Falls"  3Nov 6, 2006shiran_d  London
21"Livingstone"  1  1Oct 4, 2006anne77  Lausanne
22"Livingstone and Victoria Falls"  1  2Sep 3, 2006mpanizza  Arlington
23"Livingstone"  1Aug 25, 2006DanielF  Europe
24"Livingstone - The home of Victoria Falls"  6  6Aug 15, 2006tpk2  Dalmatia - Split Region
25"Wanna see The mighty Victoria Falls?"  1Dec 30, 2005Durfun  London
26"Livingstone - a locals tip"Oct 18, 2005zambeziqueen  Maun
27"Livingstone town"  10  17Sep 30, 2005mvtouring  South Africa
28"Livingstone The Smoke that Thunders"  29  31Aug 7, 2005MikeAtSea  Durban
29"Livingstone"  3Dec 11, 2004stevezero  Belper
30"Two days in Livingstone"Oct 8, 2004Sininen  Lahti
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