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1"The chronicler Antonio Piagafetta"  3Mar 22, 2014jorgejuansanchez  Hospitalet
2"Vicenza - Palladio country"  3Dec 2, 2012t_cinanni  Perth
3"VICENZA"  1  5Jan 9, 2012didier06  Nice
4"Friends, prosecco and history"  7  36Aug 31, 2011BLewJay  Oceanside
5"Vicenza"  1  8Jul 21, 2011lotharscheer  Vienna
6"Vicenza"  3Oct 24, 2010basstbn  Overland Park
7"Vicenza"Dec 2, 2009JFER1980  Vicenza
8"Living it up in Vicenza!"  3Feb 27, 2009blissgoodloe  Vicenza
9"Vicenza"  1Sep 7, 2008wroclawiak  Wroclaw
10"Build Well with Palladio touch"  46  158May 11, 2008BruceDunning  Huntsville
11"Stuck Between Beauties/Vicenza"  5  15Aug 24, 2007painterdave  Padova
12"City of Palladio and Pigafetta"  1Jul 20, 2007Basaic  Sierra Vista
13"Caserme Ederle"  3May 13, 2007kglazebrook  Farmington
14"The Gold City"Dec 11, 2006neodue  Istanbul
15"The crossroads of Northern Italy"Oct 27, 2006scanos  Belfast
16"Vicenza - City of Palladio"  1  5Jul 6, 2006leromario  Tallinn County
17"My Home, Vicenza, Italy"  3  18Jun 17, 2006yetist  Mainz
18"Vicenza - "Venezia on terra firma""  52  122Jun 14, 2006Diana75  Bucharest
19"SHE'S THE ONE"Apr 9, 2006Kajron  Veneto
20"Vicenza."  8  17Mar 20, 2006Maurizioago  Caldonazzo
21"Citta Del Palladio"  22  34Mar 17, 2006rubbersoul75  Winchester
22"Palladio and more Palladio"  14  14May 22, 2005Sjalen  Sweden
23"VICENZA"  17May 10, 2005Pakistaniguy  London
24"Vicenza; home of Palladio and his architecture"  10  11Mar 15, 2005hundwalder  Prague
25"Vicenza"Nov 24, 2004alcalacurro  Madrid
26"My Home for 3 years"  2Jul 2, 2004Abnwldcat21  Vicenza
27"Hello Palladio, looking for Tiepolo, and finding!"  34  39Apr 11, 2004iandsmith  Moonee Beach
28"Vicenza"  5Jan 25, 2004boblam  Vicenza
29"vicenza citta del palladio"  1Jan 11, 2004bepy  Vicenza
30"VICENZA"  1Jul 21, 2003Ehriq  Italy
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