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1"Still in Italy but feeling like in Austria"  1  2Jun 5, 2011PALLINA  Munich
2"I liked that lively town!"  3Dec 26,  Italy
3"Christmas Period in Vipiteno"  1  6Aug 6, 2008Nemesy  Verona
4"Vipiteno - Best place ever visited"  6  14Jun 24, 2008rmicallef  Malta
5"A little town"  4  6Dec 11, 2006Fabrizio_M.  Milan
6"Vipiteno"  1  2Aug 7, 2005hdv63  Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel
7"First Town South of the Brenner Pass"  1  1Nov 27, 2004RhineRoll  Remagen
8"Pfitscher Joch - a pleasant hike"  12  19Oct 21, 2004Anjutka  Petrozavodsk