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1"Durban"  3Apr 7, 2013lotharscheer   Vienna
2"dissapointed by taxidriver"  1Oct 31, 2012chaby1000  World
3"The warmest beaches in South Africa"  2  17Jul 28, 2011Paulm1987  Pretoria
4"My homeown"  6May 22, 2010GitaP  Johannesburg
5"Beaches"  3Apr 19, 2010Marina_tom  Zagreb
6"We're all Going on a Summer Holiday"  3Apr 7, 2010Ramonq  Makati
7"Growing to appreciate Durbs-By-The-Sea"  48  51Mar 12, 2010CatherineReichardt  Johannesburg
8"Durban"  8  14Jan 28, 2009mvtouring  South Africa
9"Durban"  11  12Jan 25, 2009Gili_S  Brighton
10"Durban Memories"  3May 14, 2008musomar60  Shah Alam
11"DURBAN HOLIDAY"  3  14Feb 2, 2008arthurxaviex  Los Angeles
12"my home town"May 24, 2007slugandlettuce  London
13"DURBIN"  1May 8, 2007ARABIANFAHAD  Al `Ayn
14"TRUE SOUTH AFRICAN POTPOURRI"  3  8Apr 12, 2007mtncorg  Portland
15"Ballito (50km north of Durban)"  1Mar 29, 2007Naomiolivier  Durban
16"Durbs! For some fun in the sun :)"  1  2Mar 28, 2007Jenniflower  Greater London
17"A marvelous way to begin to experience Africa"  1  4Mar 16, 2007Bunsch  Providence
18"City by the sea"  12  42Mar 14, 2007kentishgirl  London
19"Durbs"  1Feb 9, 2007haliman  Halifax
20"Durban: South Africa's hotspot on the Indian ocean"  2  5Nov 15, 2006mirko77  Helsinki
21"Lived here once - it was cool then!"Oct 31, 2006zunni1990  Chicago
22"Durban"  5  1Oct 29, 2006nora_south_africa  Province of the Western Cape
23"robbins island and shantytown"  13Jun 6, 2006traveldans  Shirley
24"Childhood Holidays"  1  1Jun 5, 2006sebblit7  Johannesburg
25"Home Away from home"  3  4Jun 2, 2006Gillybob  Manchester
26"South Africa - Aliwal shoal diving"  1May 7, 2006DiverHiro  Helsinki
27"Easy Chilled Out Beachtown"  3May 1, 2006JeSuisJill  New York City
28"City of Sugar and Spice"  10  34Apr 7, 2006kzngirl  London
29"Red hot stuff"  3  4Mar 17, 2006Charlie_UK  Manchester
30"Where East meets West in a sub-tropical city"Mar 2, 2006lehima2  Ulvila
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