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1"1 Night in Hermanus"  2  4Jan 1, 2010Sunshine64  Seattle
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8"Having a whale of a time"  1Oct 31, 2007grets  Bristol
9"Hermanus"  1  8Sep 19, 2007wogblog  World
10"Whale watching mecca of SA"  3Sep 4, 2007mecute  Bahrain
11"Great Place to See Whales"  7  8Jan 18, 2007TRimer  Geneva
12"Hermanus"  2  13Oct 23, 2006glennkasner  Cape Town
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14"Hermanus Bay"  2  4Aug 20, 2006Ash59  Basildon
15"The drive to Hermanus"  1  5Sep 18, 2005Tanyaste  England
16"The most amazing coastal town in the Cape"  11  12Jun 27, 2005cleocat  Greater London
17"Hermanus"  1May 17, 2004myriam_c  Kalmthout
18"Hermanus and surrounding areas"  22  22Apr 29, 2004mvtouring  South Africa
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20"Time for reflection."  5  6Dec 4, 2003Joemidwest  Granite City
21"Hermanus"  3Oct 4, 2003dln6874  Juneau
22"Hermanus... Whales watching"  1Sep 12, 2003Zoe_bcn  Barcelona
23"Hermanus -- Whales and Wonders!"  3  6Jul 18, 2003SESM  Alexandria
24"The Great White Capital!"  4  1Feb 10, 2003littlebush  Auckland
25"Hermanus"  1Oct 12, 2002phil_uk_net  Brentwood
26"Land Based Whale Watching Paradise."  6  1Sep 6, 2002pmarshuk  Yiewsley