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1"It's pronounced "Sho-Shloo-wee""  2  2Sep 10, 2010CatherineReichardt  Johannesburg
2"Hluhluwe - Umfolozi"  4  8Aug 18, 2009mikelisaanna  New Jersey
3"Hluhluwe"  3Sep 27, 2008sim1  Sweden
4"Ancient hunting ground of the Zulu Kings"  29  80May 16, 2006kzngirl   London
5"HLUHLUWE UMFOLOZI GAME RESERVE"  23  37Apr 13, 2005LoriPori   Windsor
6"The oldest Game Reserve in Africa"  18  22Oct 7, 2004MikeAtSea  Durban
7"Hluhluwee, It's so Hard to Pronounce!"  3  6Aug 30, 2004Waxbag  United States of America
8"One of the best in South Africa"  1Apr 13, 2004Focker  Red Deer
9"Hluhluwe Game Reserve, South Africa 2003"  3  13Jul 6, 2003linnyloo  South Africa
10"Our 3 night stay in Tree House Bonamanzi G.Park"  4  46Dec 26, 2002Waalewiener  Windsor
11"Game viewing, starlit nights and happiness."  6  20Oct 17, 2002dutch_anna  Netherlands