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1"The place for the Big Five"  1  5Mar 25, 2014shavy  Ieper
2"Klaserie Private Nature Reserve"  10  83Dec 26, 2013MM212  London
3"Lions, Rhino, Cape Buffulo, Elephants and Leopards"  1Nov 20, 2013Roadquill  Calabasas
4"Kruger National Park"  3Oct 30, 2013GerdaJ  Centurion
5"Kruger, a nature lover's paradise!"  41  135Oct 24, 2013Gypsystravels  United States of America
6"A National Park like no other!!!"  13  16May 19, 2013vpas  Hyderabad
7"Wildlife spotting in Kruger National Park"  4  34Mar 8, 2013Merebin  Mildura
8"KRUGER NATIONAL PARK"  2Sep 18, 2012LINSY  Cape Town
9"Kruger Park, South Africa"  3Apr 15, 2012slinkymalinki  World
10"Kruger Park Experience"  3Feb 2, 2010Suzze  Kent
11"A foretaste of paradise"  2  3Jan 31, 2010Moirads  South Africa
12"Kruger National Park"  6  14Aug 18, 2009mikelisaanna  New Jersey
13"South Africa's most famous"  5  9Aug 3, 2009Assenczo  Ottawa
14"Kruger Park...South Africa's Treasure"  3Jul 29, 2009canuck68  Port Alberni
15"ABUNDANT WILD LIFE-KRUGER NATIONAL PARK"  9  33Oct 31, 2008lynnehamman  Sydney
16"Magical Moments of Kruger Park"  3Sep 27, 2008sim1  Sweden
17"Kruger National Park"  50  82Sep 5, 2008Gili_S  Gili
18"Fantastic Kruger Park"  3Jul 20, 2008wanderlust35  New Orleans
19"Kruger National Park, South Africa"  1Jun 29, 2008cwcit  Claytor Lake State Park
20"South AFrica"  1May 31, 2008kemteo  Singapore
21"Safari"  1Apr 29, 2008andy53  Hua Hin
22"Kruger National Park. Tranquility and game viewing"  2Jan 27, 2008saints  Germany
23"Kruger National Park"  6Jan 10, 2008Babzz  Burlington
24"Kruger National Park"  12  25Jan 10, 2008Acirfa  West Horsham
25"Safari Kruger National Park"  3Jan 2, 2008ingosf  London
26"KRUGER NATIONAL PARK"  2Oct 12, 2007ValbyDK  Copenhagen
27"Sabi Sand - Leopards and Luxury"  3  23Sep 10, 2007janiebaxter  Manchester
28"Kruger National Park"  3Jul 3, 2007nebulaflash  Gabriola Island
29"Kruger National Park"  1Jun 28, 2007gomore  Gainesville
30"Kruger"  3  2Jun 23, 2007Tantrumfly  Glasgow
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