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1"The city of BD comics and Art/ History of France"  5  7Jun 18, 2015gwened  Pluvigner
2"now close to paris thanks to the TGV"  3  4Jan 9, 2011fabrice  Offenburg
3"The British invasion of France"  2  9Oct 3, 2006PrincessMonja  Málaga
4"not famous but there's some curiosities"  13  14Jan 5, 2004guiiillaume  Saint-Brieuc
5"Little city of Angouleme"  2  2Nov 24, 2003Faustina  Île Saint-Barthélemy
6"ANGOULEMES"  12  14Jul 30, 2003lorgnierl  Bordeaux
7"Angouleme"  14  10Aug 31, 2002barryg23  Ealing