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1"Rhône-Alpes"  1Jun 27, 2010tina4smart  Nigeria
2"Visit the town; visit the lake."  1  15Apr 3, 2007Beausoleil  Sacramento
3"Arround the Lake"  4  29Nov 4, 2006Klod5  Toulouse
4"Lac d'Annecy"  2Mar 2, 2006dennis_wegewijs  Freiburg im Breisgau
5"Beautiful Lac d´Annecy!!!"  16Jun 9, 2005Chatte40  Tampere
6"Whant to swim, boat, windsurf?"  5May 8, 2004Marie-Claude  Montreal
7"It's a secret. Don't tell anyone else!"  4Oct 30, 2003sandgrounder  Southport
8"summer 2002"Apr 1, 2003rudibr  Amersfoort