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1"Searching for the spirit of the Greatheart"  5  11Aug 25, 2010CatherineReichardt  Johannesburg
2"Pilgrim's Rest - A Historic Gold Mining Town"  4  10Aug 18, 2009mikelisaanna  New Jersey
3"Pilgrim's Rest"  3  17Jan 10, 2008Acirfa   West Horsham
4"Pilgrim's Rest - [Mpumalanga]"  9  31Sep 22, 2006MarioPortugal   Portugal
5"There's gold in them there hills...."  3  11Aug 28, 2006Ash59   Basildon
6"Historical Mining town"  6  12Jun 19, 2005cleocat  Greater London
7"Taking a step back into yesteryear..."  3  9Mar 21, 2005Jenniflower  Greater London
8"Little mining town"  2  3Apr 1, 2003ATLC  Hellevoetsluis