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12"Simonīs Town."  4  15Nov 14, 2006euzkadi  Guatemala
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14"Boulders Beach Penguin Colony"  1  3Aug 30, 2004Waxbag  United States of America
15"Just Nuisance"  1May 27, 2004austinmax  City of Manila
16"Boulders Beach, the habitat of the "pikkewyne""  2  10May 17, 2004myriam_c  Kalmthout
17"SIMON'S TOWN and BOULDERS PINGUINS"  11Jan 24, 2004johanl  Belgium
18"Boulder's Beach and Cape Point"  2Nov 8, 2003dln6874  Juneau
19"Our stay in Simons Town"  2  4Jun 10, 2003Alain_Smeets  Molenbeersel
20"Simons Town and Boulders Beach"  1  2Mar 15, 2003laurey81  Birmingham
21"Simon's Town... a really nice village"Sep 18, 2002Zoe_bcn  Barcelona