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1"Even more beautiful than I imagined"  3Aug 9, 2013WOOFWOOF  Melbourne
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5"Stunning area on the Dordogne River"  2  12Jul 1, 2010Beausoleil   Sacramento
6"Another Dordogne River-Edge Site"  6  31May 31, 2009hquittner  New Orleans
7"Climb uphill from Beynac-et-Cazenac"  3  18Oct 26, 2008tomorino  Zapopan
8"Beynac - the river town"  1  7Sep 6, 2008edwis  Tampa
9"Aquitaine"  2  7Sep 2, 2007expressmale  New Milton
10"Impressive Castle !!"  2Dec 13, 2006Djinn76  Tournai
11"Dordogne region"  2Apr 2, 2006mexicruiser  La Paz
12"A Fairy Tale Setting"  5  16Jun 7, 2003Radiomom  Durham