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1"Namib-Naukluft National Park"  21Dec 12, 2011GrumpyDiver  Ottawa
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5"THE HARSHEST NATIONAL PARK ON EARTH"  7  46Jun 13, 2008DAO  Wakefield
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7"Sand dunes and beetles!"  7  30Feb 15, 2007kentishgirl  London
8"Namib-Naukluft Park"  13  33Dec 6, 2006Gili_S  Gili
9"The Namib Naukluft N.P."  33  41Nov 22, 2006nigelw6443  Berlin
10"Sossusvlei"  1Oct 17, 2006paradisedreamer  Cape Town
11"The Namib desert"  25  68Oct 15, 2006euzkadi  Guatemala
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13"Highest sand dunes in the world"  3Mar 7, 2006JustPerfect  Prague
14"The Sub-Saharan Namib Desert"Feb 27, 2005Slubberd  New York City
15"sossusvlei"  1Dec 9, 2004pink63  Asti
16"Namib Naukluft Park"  9  10Apr 25, 2004Myndo  Basel
17"Vast Dry Plain, The Namib"  11  36Dec 8, 2003Waxbag  United States of America
18"Fabulous Dunes"  8  25Apr 21, 2003Luchonda  Gent
19"Sand and Dust"  10Sep 13, 2002Mickey95  Dongen