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1"Briançon"  3Jul 26, 2010illumina  Worcester
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3"Highest city of Europe"  5  17Sep 18, 2008MATIM  Gilze
4"BRIANCON"  1Nov 6, 2007IU2  Tradate
5"Briancon : Gate of Queyras Natural Park"  7  22Jul 24, 2006wandeljp  Dadizele
6"Europe's highest"  8  4Apr 20, 2006deeper_blue  London
7"I wish to touch the sky"  4  5May 3, 2004piccolina  Como
8"Cycling Col d'Izoart from Briancon"  2  3May 10, 2003bicycle_girl  Port Moody
9"Briancon"Dec 3, 2002Reinout  Nijmegen