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1"Amazing city "on the desert""Mar 12, 2014spanishguy  Sevilla
2"Ait Benhaddou"  3Aug 26, 2011al2401  Palmwoods
3"Iconic Desert Greenery and the Casbah"  1  1Jul 23, 2011DSwede  Mokp'o
4"Ait Ben Haddou"Apr 28, 2011xiquinho  Macao
5"Ait Ben Haddou"  2Feb 12, 2011sim1  Sweden
6"Ait Ben Haddou... overwhelmed me"  1Feb 22, 2010AyurinHiro  Osaka
7"My favorite place in Morocco"  14  42Jul 15, 2009globetrott  Vienna
8"Ait Ben Haddou"  3Jun 8, 2009Kaspian  North Bay
9"Anita and her mountain boys does it again."  3Jun 1, 2009TheView  Aasiaat
10"Amazing Ait Ben Haddou"  3  8Jul 10, 2008li-anne  Veldhoven
11"THE PERFECT CASBAH"  7  19Jan 4, 2008call_me_rhia  Europe
12"Breathtaking..."  2Dec 9, 2007XtravelloverX  Illinois
13"Ait Ben Haddou"  3Oct 28, 2007tim07   Wakefield
14"AIT BEN HADDOU"  1Jul 31, 2007Wojtek_R  Mississauga
15"AIT BEN HADDOU"  1Jun 13, 2007white_smallstar  Piemonte
16"Home of the Famous Kasbah"  11  22Apr 10, 2007barryg23  Ealing
17"Unesco World Heritage site Ait Ben Haddou"  14  70Oct 5, 2006angiebabe  Xi'an
18"Ait Benhaddou"  7  13Oct 5, 2006iwys  Salalah
19"Ait - Benhaddou"  9  25Sep 30, 2006suvanki  Sheffield
20"Ait Benhaddou"  3Sep 19, 2006Adamis  Manchester
21"Ait Ben Haddou - UNESCO World Heritage Site"  6  7Jan 25, 2006tini58de  Karlsruhe
22"Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou"  1  3Feb 19, 2005jacobzoethout  Apeldoorn
23"Home to Jesus and Russel Crowe"  3  5Feb 12, 2004mafi_moya  Ramallah
24"Ait Ben Haddou"  5Jan 22, 2004ptitetoile  Brussels
25"At Ben Haddou"  5  10Dec 2, 2003Bigjones  Brussels
26"'Le' Kasbah"  2Sep 29, 2003Peter_P  Lint
27"Ait Ben Haddou"  10  68Sep 9, 2003sachara   Emmen
28"Ait Ben Haddou"  1Jul 29, 2003Alice-Kees  Haarlem
29"Haven't I Seen That Kasbah Before!"  2  5Jul 5, 2003Sean1901  Harrow on the Hill
30"Ait Ben Haddou"  17  24Jun 13, 2003johnsakura  Ouarzazate
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