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1"What I liked in Fes"  1  7Oct 27, 2014Khamlia  Stockholm
2"The Fes Medinas"  6  57May 29, 2014Bennytheball  Glasgow
3"Fez"  3  12Feb 9, 2010Waxbag  United States of America
4"old, applied to things or places"Jan 23, 2010TheLongTone  Bristol
5"Fes is just amazing and beats Marrakech hands down"  15  5Jul 5, 2009cabeyp  Marrakesh
6"Fez"  3May 2, 2007ingosf  London
7"Enchanting place"  3Aug 19, 2006jpizquierdo  Santiago
8"Fes: the most beatiful middle age muslim town"  2Apr 14, 2005jantichm  Barcelona
9"Fes where two worlds come together"  1  2Jan 21, 2004hat53  Delfgauw
10"FEZ : the most imperial city"  9  10Apr 9, 2003venteeocho  San Jose
11"Fes"  1Sep 30, 2002ania70pl  Warsaw