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1"The land of the megalithes stones or the beaches!"  51  180Jul 8, 2012gwened   Pluvigner
2"A surfeit of standing stones"  8  10Jul 6, 2012CatherineReichardt  Johannesburg
3"Prehistoric, and Ancient Stone Formation"  6  7Oct 2, 2011black_mimi99   France
4"The Megaliths of Carnac"  1Mar 6, 2010illumina  Bristol
5"Land of Dolmen, Menhirs and Tumulus"  1Jan 4, 2010cochinjew  Havana
6"Standing Stones"Jul 25, 2009seabach  Cork
7"CARNAC AND CÔTE SAUVAGE"  2May 6, 2009AsturArcadia  Asturias
8"Carnac"  1  6Aug 3, 2007ranger49  Wales
9"The Center of the Megalithic Monuments"  13  47Aug 1, 2007hquittner  New Orleans
10"Carnac, the Alignments"  2Feb 15, 2007Beausoleil  Sacramento
11"Carnac - stones, stones and more stones"  2Jul 10, 2006metteks  Kolding
12"What did people do way back then?"  2Jun 28, 2006skywalkerbeth  Ashburn
13"Megaliths at Carnac"  1  7Jun 27, 2006Kate-Me  Ballarat
14"my first ever holiday"  1  2Dec 27, 2005catherineneill  Belfast
15"Standing Stones Heaven"  1Jun 15, 2005Eilian  Montreal
16"Brittany in general"  1  5Aug 5, 2003alza   North America
17"And the big mystery is.. why?"  2  3Jun 28, 2003Mique  Rangoon