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1"2008 1st visit to the beautiful Cyclades"  3Dec 27, 2008angiebabe  Xi'an
2"Touring The Cyclades"  49  203Jun 24, 2008steventilly   Darlington
3"Vt Sailing trip: May 2007"  1  2Sep 4, 2007Carmela71  Spain
4"VT sailing trip 2007"  3Jul 18, 2007Belsaita  Barcelona
5"Euromeeting2007 Boattrip Athens to Santorini"  27Jun 22, 2007TheView  Aasiaat
6"The highlight of trip to Greece was the Sailing"  41Jun 14, 2007Waalewiener   Windsor
7"Small Cyclades"  1  8Apr 4, 2007indramix  Zagreb Region
8"Sailing the Greek Islands"  4  10Dec 17, 2005marybellone  Bethesda
9"Wonderful time in Cyclades"Oct 21, 2005vrondy  Montreal
10"Sun, Sea and Souvla"  1  2Jan 11, 2005planxty  London
11"Rock, sea and wind"  8  10Jun 12, 2004IoannaE  Thessaloniki
12"A trip round the Cyclades in low season"  11Jul 15, 2003Joe_Atiyah  Beckford
13"Santorini the spectacular"Sep 30, 2002ptoleme  World