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1"Another fantastic day on safari"  1  3Aug 14, 2011MikeBird  Bedfordshire
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6"Tsavo East - Red Elefants and More"  9  16Jan 1, 2006Myndo  Basel
7"My very first safari"  1  2Feb 24, 2005alusru  Vienna
8"TSAVO EAST"  2  19Jan 26, 2005sigg  Oslo
9"Tsavo East"  20  30Dec 18, 2004grets  Bristol
10"Tsavo East - the first contact with wildlife..."  9Oct 4, 2004petwouters  Wollongong
11"my first safari"  22  45Nov 3, 2003call_me_rhia  Europe
12"Tsavo East"  17  49Oct 2, 2003leffe3  Melbourne
13"Tsavo East's DARKNESS, BEAUTY & ADVENTURE!"  50  93Nov 10, 2002safardreams  Rhode Island