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1"Accra"  2  4May 27, 2013Twan  Sint-Oedenrode
2"Accra As i saw it"  3Jan 13, 2013Lennyx  Lagos
3"1 week in Accra"  1  1May 7, 2012Rob&Giz  Amsterdam
4"JOIN THE CROWD"  7  34Apr 12, 2012DAO  Wakefield
5"Colorful Accra"  3Apr 4, 2012Opondili01  Donets'k
6"Accra"  2Jan 2, 2012lotharscheer  Vienna
7"Accra"  2Nov 26, 2011raykey  Newcastle upon Tyne
8"Accra ticket deals"Apr 21, 2011simon420  London
9"Accra, the capital of Ghana"  92  418Feb 24, 2011georeiser  Oslo
10"Ghana Trip for Rotary"  1Sep 7, 2010DayvJones  Binghamton
11"Trip to Accra"Mar 23, 2010marti1121  World
12"accra - lively capital of ghana"  2  9Nov 4, 2009hanspeter_W.  Zürich
13"Accra Kotoko Airport"  3Jul 26, 2009cprakash  Chennai (Madras)
14"Accra, Ghana research conference"  3Mar 22, 2009Patricia3  Charlotte
15"Accra"  3Mar 21, 2009FlyingDutchmen  The Hague
16"Accra Accra What can I say?"Jan 23, 2009Zarasher  London
17"A bustling city with friendly people"  1Jul 24, 2008IoannaE  Thessaloniki
18"Accra, Ghana"  3  3Nov 22, 2007irene820  Hong Kong
19"Accra, Capital city of Ghana"  2  8Oct 18, 2007MikeBird  Bedfordshire
20"Container Osu RE Accra"  1Jun 6, 2007cuteguy23ae  Scotland
21"My Two Weeks Vacation in Accra,Ghana!!"  1  8May 29, 2007edozie  Port Harcourt
22"Ghana tour started in Accra"  1  3Apr 17, 2007Veil  Munich
23"Accra"  10  24Feb 12, 2007sachara  Emmen
24"Accra, Ghana"  2Feb 11, 2007BJTraveler  Evansville
25"Nice people, pity about the power"  4  4Feb 5, 2007ardelean  Bucharest
26"accra"Jan 31, 2007rajatdutt  Durban
27"Accra"  6  25Jan 8, 2007grets  Bristol
28"Accra, s Ghana"  29  58Jan 3, 2007Pieter11  Roosendaal
29"Accra: The heart of the Golden country"  5  15May 1, 2006Djamal  Toronto
30"The Capitol of Ghana, it's also the largest city"  1  4Aug 21, 2005atufft  Stockton
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