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1"Unforgettable visit in wonderful Luxor"  3Jan 23, 2015Penelope4  Vienna
2"By felucca from Luxor to Aswan"  1  4Jun 14, 2014jorgejuansanchez  Hospitalet
3"Luxor ~ The Palaces for Kings and Queens"  15  63Oct 18, 2013RavensWing   Edmonton
4"Luxor Yes, We Have No Bananas"  3Dec 20, 2012JohnnySpangles  London
5"visiting luxor"Oct 20, 2012AFALGON  Paris
6"Luxor Egypt, Exciting Holiday destination"  5  24Oct 4, 2012Dannyfab67  Darlington
7"Luxor"  3Jul 19, 2012IsisJade  Taipei
8"Luxor is a huge open air museum"  3May 21, 2012nahlagady  World
9"Visit to the West Bank"  1  5Aug 20, 2011MonaLisaLuxor  Leeds
10"Luxor, the hottest place on earth"  24  117Aug 10, 2011croisbeauty  Zagreb
11"Tombs and Temples"  2Jul 17, 2011myotoken  Kuala Lumpur
12"Luxor"  3Jun 20, 2011lotharscheer  Vienna
13"The Nile at Finest"  2Jun 20, 2011Mikivoyageur  Madrid
14"Luxor"  41  200Jun 1, 2011June.b  Palawan
15"The Ancient city of Thebes"  3  18Mar 21, 2011al2401  Palmwoods
16"luxor temple"  1Jan 8, 2011bunnybertie  Luton
17"LUXOR"  1Jan 5, 2011Phalaenopsis03  Los Angeles
18"Surprisingly accessible!"  6  26Dec 23, 2010JulesH  London
19"LEISURELY LUXOR"  3Nov 4, 2010DAO  Wakefield
20"Luxor: The Valley Of The Kings"  31  155Oct 27, 2010goutammitra  Kolkata (Calcutta)
21"LUXOR"  1  8Sep 17, 2010barbskie  Switzerland
22"luxor Nov 2004"  3Jun 28, 2010cs2805  Wales
23"LUXOR"Mar 25, 2010RACCOON1  Toronto
24"Jumping in Luxor!"  1Feb 11, 2010Jumping  Phoenix
25"Luxor - A highlight of Egypt"  23  54Oct 26, 2009K.Knight  Buderim
26"There's no pyramids!"  22  43Jul 2, 2009Andrew_W_K  Bridgnorth
27"Cruise on the Nile"Jun 24, 2009eracki  New York City
28"Luxor"  1  3Jun 12, 2009Treasam  Stockport
29"An Oasis from the Chaos"  4  17Apr 1, 2009wilocrek  Salt Lake City
30"Heavenly Resort"  1Jan 30, 2009samantha_wood  World
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