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1"Philae Temple"  8  35Jun 10, 2011June.b  Palawan
2"Philae Temple: The Temple of Isis"  5  28Oct 27, 2010goutammitra  Kolkata (Calcutta)
3"Philae Temple"  1Aug 31, 2010CARSONP  Roodepoort
4"Philae Temple"  1Mar 24, 2008illumina  Worcester
5"Philae"  16  67Jan 2, 2008MM212   London
6"Philae Temples at night"  8  45Sep 27, 2007Kuznetsov_Sergey  Moscow
7"Temple of Philae"  1May 2, 2007ingosf  London
8"Temple of Isis - Most important Goddess in Egypt"  1  4Feb 3, 2007Homanded  Miami
9"Philae"  1Jan 17, 2007Childish  Sofia
10"Last Retreat for the Ancient Egyptian Religion"  5  8Jun 24, 2006atufft  Stockton
11"The Philae Temple of the Goddess Isis"  13Jun 4, 2006Innovator  Oostende
12"A temple on the island"  4  8May 10, 2006Sambawalk  Hong Kong Island
13"THE TEMPLE OF PHILAE"  1Jan 21, 2006Wojtek_R  Mississauga
14"THIS MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLAND"  4  13Oct 5, 2005stemc  Newton-le-Willows
15"Philae temples"  5  17Aug 12, 2005MalenaN  Europe
16"island in the lake"  1  8Jun 29, 2005awladhassan  United Arab Emirates
17"The Almost Romantic Agilkia Island..."  3May 2, 2005coceng  Kampong Masjid Tanah
18"Pictures of Philae"  3Apr 28, 2005schuurton  Schiedam
19"PHILAE"  3Apr 9, 2005pink63  Asti
20"The Temple of Philae"  6  8Apr 9, 2005stevezero  Belper
21"The Temple of Philae"  2  17Mar 2, 2005yurxlnc  Khartoum
22"Nile River Temple on Philae Island"  5  5Jan 17, 2005ATXtraveler  Allen
23"Philae - Temple on the Island"  6  8Nov 15, 2004Myndo  Basel
24"TEMPLE OF ISIS ON THE ISLAND OF PHILAE"  1Sep 16, 2004turkuaz  Istanbul Ili
25"Philae Island was so pretty!"  3  6Jun 3, 2004saraheg77  Allen
26"The temple of Philae"  4  18May 4, 2004uglyscot  Khartoum
27"Philae"  4  7Nov 14, 2003TomorrowsAngel  Riyadh
28"Philae"  2May 2, 2003Luchonda  Gent
29"Philae"  1Sep 30, 2002ania70pl  Warsaw
30"PHILAE"  1  4Sep 19, 2002dedeckerm.  Ninove
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