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1"My Trip to Egypt"  1  5Oct 13, 2013ACruisinLady  Wasilla
2"The Most Visited Pyramid Chain in Egypt"  24  139May 9, 2013machomikemd   San Francisco
3"Side trip to the Great Pyramids of Giza"  3Sep 3, 2012DrPJ  Balanga
4"Pyramids of Giza"  3Jul 19, 2012IsisJade  Taipei
5"Pyramids of Giza - [Egypt]"  1  6Oct 29, 2011MarioPortugal  Portugal
6"treat their horses badly"Oct 23, 2011pondmawr  World
7"The Pyramids Complex of Giza"  3  6Jun 24, 2011June.b  Palawan
8"Pyramids"Jan 7, 2011H.Dahab  Cairo
9"Pyramids of Giza"  3  4Oct 31, 2010Cruiseone2003  San Francisco
10"Shore Excursion to Giant Pyramids"  12  47Oct 23, 2010Mikebb  Perth
11"Giza Plateau"  1Aug 31, 2010CARSONP  Roodepoort
12"What an Experience!"  3Aug 29, 2010ciaobellamici  Traverse City
13"The only remaining Wonder of the Ancient World"  3Aug 28, 2010spanishguy  Sevilla
14"Jumping at the Pyramids of Giza!"  1Feb 4, 2010Jumping  Phoenix
15"That was quite an experience..."  3  1Dec 11, 2009Kirthika  Mannheim
16"The Pyramid of Giza"  3Jun 11, 2009amolch  World
17"ANCIENT WONDER STILL MYSTIFIES"  4  5May 18, 2009travelgourmet  Westlake Village
18"Giza, EG"  3Dec 26, 2008dromosapien  Faribault
19"Pyramids of Giza"  1Dec 12, 2008chizz  Doha
20"My Giza Page"  18  94Oct 28, 2008freddie18  Toronto
21"The Pyramids of Giza"  11Sep 23, 2008jumpingnorman  Phoenix
22"Pyramids of Giza"  3Sep 5, 2008STRATOS79  Sydney
23"Pyramids at Giza"  1Jul 18, 2008bryansaxton  Houston
24"Giza"  2Jun 26, 2008valentinos  Cluj-Napoca
25"Pyramids of Giza"  8  8Jun 1, 2008ms.figen  Adana
26"Giza"  1May 30, 2008MFAMILY  Gradil
27"The only remaining Ancient Wonder of the World"  3  7Mar 24, 2008illumina  Bristol
28"Finally............."  3  14Jan 1, 2008leics  Leicester
29"The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt"  3  55Nov 29, 2007SWFC_Fan  Sheffield
30"Pyramids of Giza"  3Nov 29, 2007xiquinho  Macao
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