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1"Surrounded by desert"  2  3Apr 14, 2013draguza  Milan
2"Marsa Alam, Egypt."  8Dec 16, 2012CDM7  Dorset
3"Gate of Diving Tours"  3  11Jan 17, 2010RitchiS1  Castrop-Rauxel
4"Marsa Alam"  1  8Jan 19, 2009tarek.lotfy  Cairo
5"Top diving destination"  5  7Oct 19, 2008adelinemmc  London
6"Marsa Alam"  43Mar 14, 2008myriam_c  Kalmthout
7"A Heaven sandwich....."  1  6Jan 4, 2008poons  Staffordshire
8"Beautiful coral reef"  2Oct 11, 2007aleha  Bergamo
9"Brayka Bay"  3Sep 2, 2007lyncol  Ashford
10"A real oasi in the middle of nothing"  3  3Jun 26, 2007PALLINA  Munich
11"Dive camp in the middle of no-where"  1Oct 23, 2006mrbmann  Kastrup
12"MARSA ALAM. THE DREAM FOR DIVE!!!!"  3Sep 29, 2006mirko78  Italy
13"Marsa alam"  3Jul 7, 2006sioux2  Southwick
14"Diving heaven!"  3Jan 20, 2006SanderAmsterdam  Amsterdam
15"Marsa Shagra/Marsa Alam"  1Nov 30, 2004Broquers  London
16"2003 Summer vacation"Mar 11, 2004alciati  Ivrea