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1"on the chobe river"  2Apr 10, 2010henri123  Île de Montréal
2"The woodland border"  5  5Dec 31, 2009smirnofforiginal  Hertfordshire
3"Kasane, the north-eastern corner of Botswana"  5  14Oct 20, 2009georeiser  Oslo
4"THE MEETING OF 4 COUNTRIES"  1  4Jun 22, 2008DAO  Wakefield
5"Kasane- where 4 countries meet!"  5  8Jun 20, 2008nora_south_africa  Province of the Western Cape
6"Chobe National Park"  2  2Feb 28, 2007jrozwado  Fort Lauderdale
7"Wilderness"  4  5Jun 11, 2004tgirl007  Cape Town