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1"Once home to Robert Louis Stevenson"  2Jul 2, 2013etfromnc   Matthews
2"Western Samoa"  1May 23, 2013kaloz  Cordova
3"Beautiful Samoa"  1  4Sep 9, 2009Kaikoura  Auckland
4"Many Traces of the Past"  3Jul 6, 2009Kakapo2  Christchurch
5"R L S's Island Retreat and Last Home"Nov 17, 2007Tomkat85  Bend
6"Apia is... cute!"  3May 2, 2006petwouters  Wollongong
7"Samoa!"  2Jan 19, 2005TheJJuice  Melbourne
8"Western Samoa"  3Jan 3, 2005wallyworld17  Los Angeles
9"Apia, Western Samoa"  1  1May 31, 2004Mbressler  Apia
10"Apia Way"Sep 18, 2003SioneA  Auckland
11"City of entertainment"  1Jun 24, 2003savaliolefilemu  American Samoa
12"Weekend in Samoa"  1Apr 1, 2003xdalth  New Zealand
13"Western Samoa- True Paradise"  2Feb 16, 2003ScottForster  Forster
14"Have you ever been to the Paradise?"  3  3Nov 4, 2002bobiko  Banska Bystrica