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1"Relaxing at Kaikoura"  2  6Jun 17, 2014Gillybob  Manchester
2"Town known for whale watching"  1Feb 8, 2014Bob_Shan  Shanghai
3"South East Coast"  1  16Jun 26, 2013shavy   Ieper
4"Where the deep ocean meets the steep mountain"  3  10Jan 24, 2013dutchboycalledjan  The Hague
5"Mountains, sea, whales, dolphins and seals"  65Jan 11, 2011Kimi_the_Bear  New Zealand
6"Seals a plenty"  2  3Aug 1, 2010DSwede  Charleston
7"La Ballena / The Whale"  5  9Feb 6, 2010elpariente  Santander
8"Whalewatching and swimming with seals"  3Jan 25, 2010janaaroundtheworld  The Hague
9"Kaikoura: nature wonder!"  8  20Aug 12, 2009BurgerQueen  Monza
10"Kaikoura"  8  10Feb 25, 2009JohanIsWeg  Brisbane
11"Snow capped peaks & sunny beaches!"  2  9Feb 4, 2009abi_maha  Bangalore
12"More than Whales"  23  127Aug 2, 2008Kakapo2  Christchurch
13"The most beautiful place in the world"Apr 27, 2008lcnchickster  World
14"Lovely setting between sea and mountain"  1Apr 18, 2008MFAMILY  Gradil
15"Kaikoura Whale Watching town"  2  3Mar 23, 2008iammon  Thun
16"Kaikoura"  1Oct 28, 2007Pink-Aura  Auckland
17"KAIKOURA"  2  16Feb 22, 20072Cities1Love  Melbourne
18"Kaikoura"  6  31Jan 2, 2007bsfreeloader  Sofia
19"Coast line eastern side..."  3Dec 7, 2006Linn81  Stockholm
20"Welcome to Kaikoura"  7  16Dec 1, 2006jag17  San Jose
21"Kaikoura"  2Jun 28, 2006ahouse2003  Huntsville
22"Whales!! And other members of my family."  3May 27, 2006mishkah  Sydney
23"Kaikoura"  7  11Apr 11, 2006didgeridorien  Rotterdam
24"Kaikoura"  3  4Jan 21, 2006salisbury3933  Upper Hutt
25"A Whale of a Time?"  16  22Oct 13, 2005fishandchips  Christchurch
26"Swimming with Dolphins"  1Sep 20, 2005pompey_paul  Portsmouth
27"Wildlife at Kaikoura"  3Jun 20, 2005schuurton  Schiedam
28"Kaikoura"  5  12Jun 14, 2005RavPadfoot  Olympia
29"Wish I grew up here"  1Mar 21, 2005sympatriot  Sydney
30"Kaikoura by the Sea - Page in progress"  5  14Jan 11, 2005frankcanfly  Baltimore
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