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1"Amongst corrugated iron animals"  29Jan 7, 2011Kimi_the_Bear  New Zealand
2"What corrugated iron can do for your town"  8  14Sep 30, 2007iandsmith  Moonee Beach
3"The corrugated iron town"  1Aug 14, 2006MFAMILY  Gradil
4"Tirau"  1Mar 21, 2005Rodan44  Raleigh
5"Tirau - a small town with a lot of antiques shops!"  5  6Jan 2, 2005worldkiwi  Auckland Region
6"Stop at Tirau ~ don't just drive through!"  8  19Oct 22, 2004allikat  New Zealand
7"Tirau - almost in the middle of nowhere"  13  15Mar 20, 2004Kate-Me  Ballarat
8"Tirau, on the way to Rotorua and Taupo."  7  35Oct 10, 2002kiwi  New Zealand