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1"Queenstown - New Zealand"Feb 24, 2015Jef5  Victoria
2"Great View A-Plenty!!!"  2  7Jun 18, 2014Gillybob   Manchester
3"The most beating town in South Hemisphere"  3  7Feb 11, 2014Bob_Shan  Shanghai
4"Queenstown,New Zealand"  2  7Jul 31, 2013CDM7  Dorset
5"Bungy Jump"  1  7Jun 26, 2013shavy  Ieper
6"A town fit for a Queen"  29  175May 11, 2012al2401  Palmwoods
7"Jewel of the South Island"  6  29Apr 4, 2012Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
8"Top visitor destinations"  2  10Mar 20, 2012galat  Boca del Río
9"Queenstown - Adventure Capital of the World?"  3Sep 9, 2011fishandchips  Christchurch
10"Queenstown"  3  15Aug 9, 2011winnietankl  Penang
11"Flying above the Remarkables!"  2Jul 18, 2011myotoken  Kuala Lumpur
12"New Zealand's Adventure Capital!"  1May 23, 2011spidermiss  Leeds
13"Touristy to the Max"  2  3Aug 1, 2010DSwede  Corpus Christi
14"An amazing resort town and extreme sports center"  3  7Mar 7, 2010ari1974  Los Angeles
15"EVERYBODY KNOWS QUEENSTOWN!"  11  12Jan 26, 2010balhannah  Brisbane
16"Queenstown: where everything is possible!"  6  10Jan 12, 2010BurgerQueen  Monza
17"Queenstown"  3Dec 18, 2009iisskkoo  Australia and Oceania
18"Queenstown"  43  232Nov 27, 2009robertgaz  Bunbury
19"Queenstown"  1May 16, 2009norain  Johor Bahru
20"Tourist's Mecca"  8  6Jan 18, 2009Robmj  Wanaka
21"Just a Little Bit North of the South Pole, but...."Jan 16, 2009chasdwes  Houston
22"QT-Dream come true for me!"  6  16Jan 16, 2009abi_maha  Bangalore
23"Fun Fun Fun"  61Jan 13, 2009Kimi_the_Bear  New Zealand
24"2010 Queenstown Winter Festival"Nov 9, 2008trieste-april  Geelong
25"An Delightful Place to be."Sep 20, 2008wise23girl  State of Queensland
26"Wow! That will be your first and last words here."  12  18Jun 26, 2008ATXtraveler  Allen
27"QUEENSTOWN - NZ"  3Jun 5, 2008simonemurari  São Paulo
28"Queenstown - New Zealand"  3Apr 24, 2008chizz  Doha
29"Queenstown - a thrill everyday"  1  7Apr 18, 2008MFAMILY  Gradil
30"SOUTH ISLAND OF NZ, a TOURIST HAVEN"  7  29Mar 13, 2008AusPinay  Tasmania
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