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1"A lovely city"  5  19Oct 30, 2014stevemt   Brisbane
2"You Cairns Do It!"  11  27Sep 30, 2014Usctwin  Los Angeles
3"Cairns - Jumping off spot"  3  18Jun 18, 2014fred98115  Seattle
4"CAIRNS- THE CITY OF GREAT BARRIER REEF"  2  13Dec 20, 2013kmohandas  Bangalore
5"Jewel in the North"  2Feb 23, 2012SerenityChaos  Cairns
6"Why I came to Cairns"  2  9Jan 4, 2012TarjaH  Finland
7"Cairns tropical capital of North Queensland"Dec 17, 2011dwainesolly  Palmerston Island
8"Cairns for beginners"  9  33Sep 18, 2011sirgaw  Melbourne
9"Tropical Cairns"  1  7Jul 28, 2011The_Downunder_Mob  Australia
10"Bramston Beach House"  3Mar 3, 2011CammyAngel1  World
11"A multicultural city full of adventure"  21  16Jan 10, 2011Gypsygirl05  Lafayette
12"Coming in on a Wing and a Prayer"  8  34Aug 29, 2010wise23girl  State of Queensland
13"AussieBarney in Cairns"  6Jul 30, 2010AussieBarney  Australia
14"Cairns"  1  8May 1, 2010lotharscheer   Vienna
15"Cairns - Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef"  2  9Nov 9, 2009Rambling_Rover  Saint Augustine Beach
16"Cairns - A Land of Contrast"  34  179Oct 30, 2009aussirose   Perth
17"Cairns"  7  20Oct 24, 2009salisbury3933  Upper Hutt
18"North Queensland"  1Aug 26, 2009ElmoFan  State of Queensland
19"Cairns"  3Jul 22, 2009Sonia69  Bilbao
20"Great Barrier Reef and rainforests"  2Mar 25, 2009RBradley  Leiden
21"Queens in Queensland!"  3  14Jan 14, 2009Susumarie  Mustang
22"Mackay-Cairns"Jul 14, 2008bebecochone  Melbourne
23"Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef"  1Jul 4, 2008annk  Estero
24"Cairns - A town in the tropics"  2  4Jul 3, 2008tpk2  Dalmatia - Split Region
25"CAIRNS NORTHERN QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA"  6  30Jun 6, 2008DennyP  Parramatta
26"Gateway to the north"  3  4May 24, 2008DSwede  Mokp'o
27"The reef"  1  4May 20, 2008ashafruddin  Negeri Selangor
28"Cairns - Australia"  3Apr 23, 2008chizz  Doha
29"Excitement and Disappointment"  8  20Apr 4, 2008cochinjew  Havana
30"Cairns QLD more than a tourist city."  132  499Mar 28, 2008tropicrd  Cairns
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