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1"Australia's 100 Year Old capital"  3  17Mar 23, 2013Orchid  Melbourne
2"Wonderful, immoral, tempting and terribly ........"  123  494Dec 15, 2012wabat   Canberra
3"Canberra, NSW"  1  8Oct 16, 2011elhombre30  Makati
4"CANBERRA (FLORIADE)"  8Oct 9, 2011STRATOS79  Sydney
5"My Australia's journey begins here..."  11  46Jul 4, 2011cal6060  Kuala Lumpur
6"Canberra"  2  6Apr 17, 2011leafmcgowan  Manitou Springs
7"Best Environment"  3Oct 16, 2010Andrew_Liu  Hangzhou
8"Canberra a Friendly Place."  10  39Aug 8, 2010wise23girl  State of Queensland
9"AussieBarney in Canberra."  13Jul 30, 2010AussieBarney  Australia
10"Jumping in Canberra"  2Mar 29, 2010Jumping  Phoenix
11"24 hours in Canberra"  3Mar 29, 2010betska  Nelson Bay
12"Work"  1Feb 7, 2010DEBBBEDB  United States of America
13"CANBERRA - Aboriginal for "MEETING PLACE""  71  172Nov 19, 2009balhannah   Brisbane
14"Canberra"  1  2Jul 25, 2009kikili  Australia and Oceania
15"Canberra"  1Mar 21, 2009norain  Johor Bahru
16"Alternative histories"  4Mar 4, 2009Diceman_  Adelaide
17"IMPREXXION: CANBERRA (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)"  1Oct 25, 2008xuessium  Shanghai
18"Jumping Around Canberra!"  1  5Sep 14, 2008jumpingnorman  Phoenix
19"The Australian Capital Territory"  20Jul 23, 2008vpas  Hyderabad
20"Two days in Canberra..."  1Jun 24, 2008Snowball27  Olongapo City
21"CANBERRA...The Nations Capital"  1  7Jun 6, 2008DennyP  Parramatta
22"Canberra's war memorial"  2  7May 27, 2008pattypoo  Wales
23"Canberra the National Capital of Australia"  1May 12, 2008Myberry  Special Capital Region of Jakarta
24"Canberra"  1Mar 22, 2008Zanzibargirl  Newcastle
25"CANBERRA, WE KEEP COMING BACK HERE!"  24  66Mar 17, 2008AusPinay  Tasmania
26"Dear old Canberra! Give it a chance."  9Feb 8, 2008craic  Carrum
27"Australia's capital"  1  4Dec 3, 2007austarman  Wollongong
28"Canberra - its not what you think"Sep 3, 2007dragoneer  Canberra
29"Canberra. No wonder why they call it the ACT"  9  5Aug 15, 2007oznztofro  Sydney
30"Canberra - A Planned Disaster!"  3Aug 14, 2007Dinninit  South Melbourne
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