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1"Dubbo...the Crossroads"Jan 18, 2012wise23girl  State of Queensland
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5"The Best Zoo in Australia"  1Dec 11, 2004noseriderinoz  Sydney
6"Dubbo - Home to the WesternPlains Zoo"  4  8Oct 30, 2004CdnJane  Barrie
7"Dubbo - Bit of a Surprise Package"  1  2Apr 26, 2004ancientmariner  Port Macquarie
8"Home of the Western Plains Zoo & Lots More Too"  8  10Apr 15, 2004aussiedoug  North Haven
9"Sweetberry's Dubbo Page"  10  12Oct 6, 2003Sweetberry1  Hervey Bay
10"a few days in Dubbo NSW"  2Jul 16, 2003majicsilverrose  Sydney
11"Misaki's Dubbo page"  1May 18, 2003misakitaguchi  Australia
12"Superstar!!!"Sep 1, 2002photobf  Rochester