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1"Cruise Ship Stop"  1  6Mar 23, 2014DEBBBEDB  United States of America
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8"First stop after Perth."  1Feb 27, 2006kid-keith  Suffolk
9"Geraldton"  2  4Feb 1, 2006skatzcatz  Darwin
10"Sandboarding Near Geraldton"  3  4Dec 1, 2004icyjo24  Singapore
11"The Batavia"  2  2Sep 20, 2003littlebush  London
12"Passing Through Geraldton (424km North of Perth)"  2Jul 21, 2003yuenhan  Perth
13"The place where trees grow bended"  2Jun 24, 2003Catane  France
14"Geraldton - 4hrs north of Perth"  14  43May 12, 2003aussirose  Perth