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1"Melbourne"  3Feb 2, 2014FlyingDutchmen  The Hague
2"There's nothing "Down Under" about Melbourne"  1Dec 18, 2013etfromnc  Matthews
3"Our Second Visit to Australia"  8  22Jul 15, 2013IreneMcKay  Hong Kong
4"Maze City"  1  54Jun 26, 2013shavy   Ieper
5"The City of the Tramways"  3Jun 16, 2013jorgejuansanchez  Hospitalet
6"Lots of Parks"  2May 23, 2013kaloz  Cordova
7"Traffic hell"  3  8Feb 27, 2013Bob_Shan  Shanghai
8"A Victorian Influenced City"  3Dec 6, 2012LadyRVG  New York State
9"MELB TRIP"Nov 21, 2012aussie163  Adelaide
10"Melbourne- A Beautiful City"  3Nov 17, 2012kmohandas  Bangalore
11"A short trip to Aussieland"  10  27Jul 10, 2012abi_maha  Bangalore
12""Apr 9, 2012mickshe  Philippines
13"Melbourne, the city of Fashion and Events"Apr 4, 2012APTravels  Thimphu Dzongkhag
14"A truly cosmopolitan city"  1  3Feb 28, 2012galat  Boca del Río
15"Melbourne"  1Oct 28, 2011dragontml  Kuala Lumpur
16"The home of the Dandenongs"  2  6Aug 12, 2011Pomocub  Manchester
17"Melbourne"  1Aug 5, 2011The_Downunder_Mob  Australia
18"Come to Melbourne, Australia!"  2Jul 23, 2011kathiemt  Belgrave
19"Melbourne"  1  1Jul 13, 2011BennieFlanders  Hervey Bay
20"Melbourne got it all!!"  22  99Jul 4, 2011cal6060  Kuala Lumpur
21"BEAUTIFUL MELBOURNE"Jun 30, 2011aneye4b3auty  Kuching
22"Melbourne"  5  34May 3, 2011al2401  Palmwoods
23"Melbourne"  8Apr 24, 2011betska   Nelson Bay
24"Revisiting Melbourne"  1  6Mar 28, 2011volarevolare  Singapore
25"Great Ocean Road - Chillax Tours....AMAZING :)"Feb 25, 2011jane85  Greater London
26"Melbourne - The Place to Be"  35  140Feb 22, 2011leon.partsi  Melbourne
27"AussieBarney in Melbourne"Feb 19, 2011AussieBarney  Australia
28"Journey to Australia 2009"  4  7Feb 9, 2011nonvirna  Special Capital Region of Jakarta
29"Pinch me I not sure this is real"  9  24Jan 7, 2011Dymphna1  Park City
30"Melbourne"  26  116Dec 22, 2010Hui-Hui  Zürich
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