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1"Port Campbell"  14  60Apr 18, 2015rabbit06  Auckland
2"12 Apostels (Great Ocean Road)"  3Feb 2, 2014FlyingDutchmen  The Hague
3"The town for 12 Apostles"  1  3Feb 27, 2013Bob_Shan  Shanghai
4"The Glorious Beauty of the Great Ocean Road"  1  3Dec 8, 2012LadyRVG  Connecticut
5"Exploring the Great Ocean Road"  22  166Dec 3, 2012cjg1   New York City
6"visiting the 12 apostles"  1Oct 23, 2010thatsgood  Jakarta
7"My Port Campbell"Sep 16, 2009robertbaum  Yokohama
8"Port Campbell National Park"  7  34Mar 26, 2009Kathrin_E  Karlsruhe
9"IMPREXXION: PORT CAMPBELL"  11  18Jun 8, 2008xuessium  Shanghai
10"PORT CAMPBELL VICTORIA"  1Jun 6, 2008DennyP  Parramatta
11"THE 12 APOSTLES"  3Feb 8, 2008Wojtek_R  Mississauga
12"Port Cambell and The Great Ocean road."  4  8Aug 20, 2007Alphons  Nijmegen
13"Port Cambell and the Great Ocean Road"  6  14Aug 7, 2007Waxbag  United States of America
14"Once upon the Great Ocean Road"  5  14Jul 1, 2007iandsmith  Moonee Beach
15"GATEWAY TO THE TWELVE APOSTLES"  4  12Jan 15, 2006aussiejen  Melbourne
16"Port Campbell"  1Jan 12, 2006l_joo  Kuala Lumpur
17"Port Campbell National Park - Home of 12 Apostles"  1  6Dec 25, 2005Mikebb  Perth
18"The 12 Apostles"  5Nov 19, 2005littleman  Sydney
19"Port Campbell - Home to 12 Apostles and more"  4  28Oct 2, 2005Zanzibargirl  Newcastle
20"A Port Of Call On The Great Ocean Road"  3Sep 18, 2005tigerjapan  Tokyo-to
21"Port Campbell"  1Sep 18, 2005kooka3  Huntingtown
22"Port Campbell - Gateway to GOR and the South Coast"  8  13Sep 9, 2005ATXtraveler  Allen
23"A Stop Along the Great Ocean Road"  15  19Aug 28, 2005Anne12  Hepburn Springs
24"The 12 Apostles"  3Jun 18, 2005aussie75  Melbourne
25"Pictures of Port Campbell NP"  3Jun 15, 2005schuurton  Schiedam
26"The Great Ocean Road"  11Jan 2, 2005HarShe  Melbourne
27"Along the coastline"  2  7Oct 15, 2004edachsund  Oxford
28"Seamandrew's Port Campbell Page"  1May 23, 2004seamandrew  New Brunswick
29"Port Campbell Ntl Park and the Great Ocean Road"  4  5Apr 16, 2004Myndo  Basel
30"Port Campbell - more than just the 12 Apostles!"  14  17Mar 8, 2004Kate-Me  Ballarat
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