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1"Port Douglas, slice of paradise"  1Mar 7, 2013gettingaround  World
2"Great Barrier Reef"  5  26Sep 4, 2012DEBBBEDB  United States of America
3"Missed Bucket List Item"  2  19Aug 11, 2012grandmaR  Leonardtown
4"Port Douglas hot air balloon + romantic stuff"  4  4Jan 1, 2012amtam  World
5"Paradise for some"  11  41Sep 10, 2011sirgaw   Melbourne
6"Tropical Delight Close To Great Barrier Reef"  15  68Aug 26, 2011Mikebb  Perth
7"Port Douglas"  10  41Jul 2, 2010leffe3  Melbourne
8"Port Douglas - QLD"  4Nov 27, 2009Tam13  Mount Gambier
9"Visited Daintree Rainforest and Great Barrier Reef"  1  3May 27, 2009Mark.vitale1  Hollywood
10"Port Douglas"  3Aug 24, 2008dandeelionz  Gold Coast
11"PORT DOUGLAS FAR NORTH QUEENSLAND"  3Jul 12, 2008DennyP  Parramatta
12"The real gateway to the reef and the rainforest"  8  17Jun 6, 2008clueless83  England
13"Port Douglas"  3  10May 26, 2008robertgaz  Bunbury
14"Almost the end of the road"  3  6May 24, 2008DSwede  Charleston
15"Port Douglas"  2Apr 5, 2008ingosf  London
16"Port Douglas"  1  3Aug 23, 2007Openseas  Sydney
17"Tropical Port Douglas"  26  57Jun 6, 2007sue_stone  Sydney
18"Port Douglas"  9May 4, 2007Eiji  Kobe
19"Five Star Louise Visits"  3Nov 30, 2006hemmertime  Dubuque
20"Port Douglas"  3Nov 27, 2006109  Manila
21"Great Barrier Reef & tropical North Queensland!!"  18Oct 20, 2006GlobalMatt  Indiana
22"Port Douglas"  3Sep 19, 2006leighdave  Newbury
23"Port Douglas, Northern Queensland"  1  2Aug 25, 2006Vic5  London
24"Port Douglas - Paradise"  2  5Jul 18, 2006emerald125  Sydney
25"Best Home Base to see the Great Barrier Reef!"  7  22Apr 22, 2006saraheg77  Allen
26"The Only word here is WOW."  12  13Apr 14, 2006ATXtraveler  Allen
27"Tropical North Queensland"  5  4Feb 26, 2006kid-keith  Suffolk
28"PORT OF DREAMS"  7  9Feb 21, 2006huwhit  Bingara
29"Class in North Queensland"  14  30Feb 9, 2006percy961  Pissouri
30"Port Douglas"  2Nov 3, 2005traceandjase  Melbourne
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