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1"Visiting Friends in Rocky"  5  24Nov 15, 2012cjg1  New York City
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3"The city of Sin, Sweat, and Sorrow"  1  11Jan 10, 2012wise23girl   State of Queensland
4"Rockhampton: Beef Capital of Australia"  15  64Oct 5, 2010cafank  Tweed Heads
5"The Beef Capital"  3Nov 2, 2008backpackerbaby  State of Queensland
6"BEEF CAPITAL OF AUSTRALIA"  7  15Sep 7, 2008balhannah  Brisbane
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8"Rockhampton"  1Mar 9, 2006didgeridorien  Rotterdam
9"Rocky"  19Nov 19, 2005cocodette  Vincelles
10"Dinner Time"  1  3Apr 5, 2005CindyLou99  Edmonton