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1"Country Music Capital of Australia"  15  61Nov 5, 2014globetrott   Vienna
2"COUNTRY MUSIC CAPITAL OF AUSTRALIA"  27  68Nov 11, 2012balhannah    Brisbane
3"Leave the Tableland and find Tamworth"  6  24Jan 12, 2012wise23girl   State of Queensland
4"Tamworth - Country Music Capital"  5  8Dec 22, 2009cafank  Tweed Heads
5"TAMWORTH NEW SOUTH WALES"  1Jun 6, 2008DennyP  Parramatta
6"nice little town and very nice people"  3Apr 26, 2008elae  Kupres
7"Stop for the Night"  1  3Feb 19, 2007pedroswift  Brisbane
8"Country Music Capital of Australia"  1Mar 24, 2006aussiedoug  North Haven
9"City of Light"  2  1Apr 3, 2004edwinaw  Tamworth
10"Australian Country Music Centre"  2Feb 27, 2004Ramonq  Makati
11"My new home :)"Jan 4, 2004goddessofkarma  Sitka
12"Yee-hah"  36  64Nov 30, 2003iandsmith  Moonee Beach
13"Sweetberry's Tamworth Page.."  10  12Oct 17, 2003Sweetberry1  Hervey Bay
14"Tamworth"  2  3Oct 3, 2002JAS2  Perth
15"Tamworth - Australia's Home of Country Music"  3  4Sep 13, 2002aussirose  Perth