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1"FRANCE"  2Feb 3, 2014Acirfa  West Horsham
2"FRANCE"  1  2Oct 25, 2013Chickytrick  Moscow
3"France & Politics"  2Aug 10, 2013hjohnso4  Frankfurt am Main
4"Cause We Can-Can."  11Aug 1, 2013Lizbeth7346  Andover
5"France for two"  3Jun 5, 2013WOOFWOOF  Melbourne
6"catered chalet Chamonix"  1Jun 3, 2013arcticbeaver  World
7"France - for the discerning tourist"  47  218May 18, 2013iandsmith  Moonee Beach
8"Nice...but not naughty"Apr 1, 2013AussieAnglophile  World
9"Roaming Charge Tour de France"  3Feb 20, 2013xymmot  Richmond
10"Paris for a Year"Jan 2, 2013zzeone  State of Queensland
11"FRANCE - i have to know you!"  1  8Dec 4, 2012kharmencita  Germany
12"Bicycle Touring in Normandy France May 2012"  1  2Nov 22, 2012Hcamper  Massachusetts
13"France, the largest country in Western Europe"  1Oct 25, 2012stevemt   Brisbane
14"France"Aug 24, 2012joiwatani  Seattle
15"8 Days in France So Far - All in Paris"  1  5Jul 5, 2012riorich55   Naperville
16"le bouchon s'il vous plaît?"  1  2May 8, 2012reineckette  Calabasas
17"FRANCE"Apr 21, 2012DennyP  Parramatta
18"Birthday Trip 2010"Jan 6, 2012SBFlyer6  Santa Barbara
19"000"  1  1Dec 31, 2011mag627  Toronto
20"Reims France"  1Dec 18, 2011parasiemprekalani  Waimanalo
21"Just a quick word."Dec 13, 2011planxty   London
22"France"  1Nov 24, 2011amish  Huntington Beach
23"Chamonix"  2Nov 22, 2011Chrisjoseph42  Leawood
24"Attending the Tour de France"  12  11Nov 14, 2011wandering360  Vancouver
25"France"  1Nov 5, 2011anttivehmas  Lahti
26"France"  3Oct 24, 2011Twan  Sint-Oedenrode
27"France is a movable feast !!!!!"  41  109Oct 16, 2011gwened  Pluvigner
28"Very French"  3Oct 4, 2011Toughluck  Valparaiso
29"Paris, France"  3Oct 2, 20116mirror  Oakdale
30"OOH LAH LAH!!!!!!"  12  45Aug 18, 2011balhannah  Brisbane
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