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1"La Roque Gageac"  2  10Apr 4, 2013himalia11   Schupbach
2"And a big rock at that"  3  13Mar 28, 2013iandsmith   Moonee Beach
3"One of the Most Beautiful Villages Imaginable"  1  2Mar 26, 2012King_Golo   Tuttlingen
4"Charming village stretched along the Dordogne"  4  15Jun 25, 2010Beausoleil   Sacramento
5"A Cliff-Side Dordogne River Town"  2  6May 30, 2009hquittner   New Orleans
6"Climb into La Roque-Gageac"  6  11Oct 25, 2008tomorino  Zapopan
7"Cliff side buildings along Dordogne River"  1  6Sep 6, 2008edwis  Tampa
8"Picturesque?"  1  2May 31, 2005Kettleman  Hythe