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1"Troy"  19May 7, 2012tayloretc  Jakarta
2"Troy ( Truva, Troia )"  3Sep 18, 2011Tavakli  Gloucester
3"Troy"  1Jun 1, 2010cnango  San Clemente
4"The nine settlements of Troy"  21  102Mar 6, 2010Willettsworld   United Kingdom
5"Troy"  9Jul 20, 2009skatzcatz  Darwin
6"Turkey - Day 3"  1Apr 18, 2009y_lyn  Singapore
7"Homeric Troy?"  19  119Mar 16, 2009Kuznetsov_Sergey  Moscow
8"Troy is not your average, restored ancient site!"  7  13Aug 6, 2008WorldPassenger  Sandy Springs
9"The Ancient City of Troy"  2  5Jul 30, 2008boocik04  Shah Alam
10"Troy City..."  2Apr 19, 2008reading11  Ottawa
11"A Pleasant Visit to Troy"  1  6Mar 22, 2008SurfaceTravel  London
12"Welcome to Troy"  2  7Mar 10, 2008John195123  Louisville
13"Troy"  3Jul 17, 2007mandi311  Jackson
14"Truva"  1Apr 10, 2007JohnniOmani  Kampala
15"Troy"  2Mar 23, 2007canadiantrav  Olympos
16"TROIA"  1  3Mar 12, 2007Avieira67  Ponta Delgada
17"Home of the Trojan Horse"  1Mar 6, 2007gezbelle  Melbourne
18"Hidden Troy."  35May 13, 2006Tdiver  Istanbul
19"4000 years of History"  6  7Jan 28, 2006Gerrem  Germany
20"Can you re-gift?"  2  3Jan 19, 2006DSwede  Corpus Christi
21"Troy"  3Nov 23, 2005elgift  Mesa
22"BEST LOVE AND SCARRY WAR"  2Oct 8, 2005heavenguide  Istanbul Ili
23"The Fact and Fiction Surrounding the 4000 Year Old"  2Mar 25, 2005KaiserSoze  Istanbul Ili
24"Troy"Oct 28, 2004WulfstanTraveller  Santa Rosa
25"Troy"  1Oct 26, 2004Claire78  London
26"Troy"  10Oct 4, 2004mookoom17  Kuala Lumpur
27"TROY, TROIA, TROYA, TRUVA"  1  1Sep 8, 2004Arkeolog  Istanbul
28"Truva (Troy)"  1Jul 9, 2004codrutz  Bucharest
29"Troy"  1Jun 29, 2004phastphreddy  Severn
30"Troy is a place on your mind"  8  11Dec 11, 2002SirRichard  Madrid
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