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1"The Stone City"  3Mar 14, 2015DSwede  Corpus Christi
2"coming soon"  3Feb 26, 2015Penelope4  Vienna
3"Just one (almost) perfect day.........."  32  128Jan 5, 2015leics  Leicester
4"Petra"  1  5Sep 1, 2014xiquinho  Macao
5"Petra"  2Mar 6, 2014myriam_c  Kalmthout
6"A short visit to Petra!"  10Jan 26, 2014Mec  Marieville
7"The main reason of the trip"  5  16Jan 8, 2014xaver  Porto Recanati
8"Petra a dream coming true"  3Apr 24, 2013SOUTHAFRICANDELLA  Johannesburg
9"Made More Famous By Indiana Jones"  32  163Apr 15, 2013machomikemd  San Francisco
10"Petra- the Hidden and Lost City"  1  6Jul 18, 2012kharmencita  Germany
11"Petra, Jordan"  1  8Apr 1, 2012claudiabrazilian  London
12"One of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World"  1  24Dec 5, 2011ViajesdelMundo  Los Barriles
13"Petra one fo the seven wonders"  2  9Nov 28, 2011Robin020  Toronto
14"Quite spectacular"  1  3Sep 14, 2011littlebush  Auckland
15"Petra"  3Aug 7, 2011Callavetta  San Francisco
16"Petra"  7  15Jan 10, 2011MM212  London
17"Petra - a highlight of Jordan"  25  133Oct 2, 2010Kuznetsov_Sergey  Moscow
18"THE JEWEL OF JORDAN - PETRA"  2  2Aug 22, 2010cheerssweetie  Sydney
19"PETRA"  4  9May 6, 2010sfphototraveller  San Francisco
20"Truly Amazing"  6  25Apr 28, 2010stevemt  Brisbane
21"Petra with travel agency"Feb 27, 2010Carlos520  Most
22"Petra"  9  37Feb 21, 2010barryg23  Ealing
23"Jumping in Petra!"  4Feb 11, 2010Jumping  Phoenix
24"A day in Petra"  27Jan 13, 2010Dyesebel  World
25"City of Rose Stone"  5  1Nov 28, 2009Maria81  London
26"Petra, Jordan"  4  8Nov 28, 2009TravellerMel  Franklin
27"The Wonder that is Petra!"  23  45Nov 13, 2009K.Knight  Buderim
28"Horses in Petra"  1Oct 25, 2009kathjacq  World
29"Petra"  26  38Aug 7, 2009Gili_S  Europe
30"My son fell to his death in Petra"Jun 25, 200931brd  World
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