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1"Petra's neighbour"  3  6Jan 8, 2014xaver  Porto Recanati
2"The Town Before Petra"  6  33May 16, 2013machomikemd  San Francisco
3"Wadi Musa, Gateway to Petra"  6  17Jan 10, 2011MM212   London
4"Wadi Musa"  1Apr 20, 2007Sharon  Tel Aviv District
5"Valley of Moses"  3  4Nov 12, 2006triplehelix  Hilo
6"Wadi Musa and Petra go hand in hand"  12  1Mar 28, 2006RblWthACoz  Pittsburgh
7"Jordan's King's Highway Area"  1Dec 26, 2005XtravelloverX  Illinois
8"Wadi Musa - gateway to Petra"  1Mar 27, 2003leffe3  Melbourne
9"Wadi Musa by Marianna"  1  2Oct 18, 2002mardaska  Athens