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1"If There's an Original Idea out there..."  6  19Apr 8, 2013Orchid  Melbourne
2"malekotojjar"Dec 25, 2011homas  World
3"Yazd, city of the most beautiful “badguirs”"  3Aug 19, 2010Amirreza.taheri  Tehran
4"YAZD"  3Oct 22, 2009tremendopunto  Bonn
5"Yazd, Second Historical Inhabitant City in World"  5  11Feb 16, 2009a_kaffash   Tehran
6"Yazd"  3Nov 22, 2008sachara  Emmen
7"Women in Iran"  3Jun 14, 2008Romannies  Heilbronn
8"A nice stop in old silk road"  11  22May 22, 2008Sambawalk  Hong Kong Island
9"THE PEARL OF THE DESERT"  21  50Mar 24, 2008call_me_rhia  Europe
10"Yazd"  2  8Mar 22, 2008nyxxx  Frankfurt am Main
11"yazd"  3Mar 6, 2008tavakolidinani  Tehran
12"Yazd"  2Jan 9, 2008Mahbod  Tehran
13"Yazd, A Jewel In The Desert"  1Dec 29, 2007rafighi  Tehran
14"Around Yazd"  3Nov 12, 2007bwk_michael  Manchester
15"I find this!"  1Nov 1, 2007wonga0  Hong Kong
16"Yazd"  2Jul 10, 2007hosseined  Tehran
17"Yazd,One of the oldest cities in the world"  2Jun 16, 2007borhanpour  Kuala Lumpur
18"Yazd"  2  8May 22, 2007Rezagholi  Tehran
19"Yazd"  10  19Dec 27, 2006js77  Riga
20"yazd"  1  2Nov 11, 2006eamonncy  Galway
21"Yazd"  10  95Sep 9, 2006MalenaN  Europe
22"YAZD: The desert Jewel"  11  26Aug 31, 2006hydronetta  Athens
23"Let's Get Lost In The Old City..."  1May 30, 2006coceng  Kampong Masjid Tanah
24"Town of Good Thoughts, good Words, Good Deeds"  1Feb 17, 2006arashmania  Tehran
25"Yazd"  33  50Jul 25, 2005omidamini  Tehran
26"Yazd"  3Apr 16, 2005raultram  Cluj-Napoca
27"Yazd and the Towers of Silence"  35  36Dec 4, 2004iwys  Salalah
28"Yazd"  2Sep 18, 2004johnsakura  Ouarzazate
29"Yazd - a very pleasant surprise"Jun 15, 2004K1W1  London
30"Yazd"  2May 5, 2004valentinos  Cluj-Napoca
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