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1"Soufrie, St Lucia - a great romantic escape"  3Mar 15, 2007thoughtforce  Atlanta
2"Get into it!"  2  12Jan 5, 2007tpappas  Milwaukee
3"2nd Largest city in St. Lucia, W. Indies"  3Dec 26, 2005nyceagle1633  Jersey City
4"Soufriere, St Lucia"  7  34Dec 23, 2004SWFC_Fan  Sheffield
5"Nestled at the foot of Les Pitons....."  1  4Jul 29, 2004jadedmuse  Saint Louis
6"contradictions..."  1Jan 9, 2004pollon  Italy
7"Soufriere, St.Lucia"  10  10Sep 25, 2002Martin_S.  Arad